Deleted File Recovery from Flash Drive

A flash drive is nothing but a small data storage device developed with flash memory which is used for storing various types of files that are available. These drives are more durable and have more storage capacity than floppy disks or CD-ROMs. Flash drives are usually used for backup of important files or they can also be used for transferring of data from one system to other system. Due to certain reasons the information present in the flash drive may get deleted and all the work comes to stand still as all the important office files are gone. Don’t worry; the file recovery tool developed with advanced features to retrieve deleted avi files and other different files from the flash drive without skipping even a single piece of information.

Scenarios that cause deletion of files from flash drives are:

Unintentional Format: Formatting the system unintentionally results in deletion of all the information present in the particular drive or a given hard disk. While installing new operating system in the computer the user might accidentally format the wrong and install the OS in it rather than formatting the other drive. This causes loss of the entire data present in the system. Accidentally right clicking the mouse button and click on the format option will also result in erasing of all the information that is present in the flash drive.

Abrupt Removal: The flash drive is connected to the system using the usb port. Abrupt or improper removal of the flash drive from the system while there is still data transfer going on between the system and the flash drive will cause deletion of important data that was being used. Removing the pen drive when the system has opened the files that are present in the flash drive will cause deletion of data that was being used.

Abnormal Shut Down: Shutting down the system abnormally when the flash drive is still being connected to the system will cause deletion of data present in the flash drive. System shuts down abruptly due to various reasons like system crash, drive failure, power cuts etc. Due to sudden system shutdown, all the files of the flash drive that were being used by the system may get deleted, resulting in huge data loss.

The file recovery application program is developed with advanced scanning algorithms to restore deleted files from the flash drive. This application is developed within a special feature called the save recovery session. With the advance graphical user interface developed within the application, the user can easily get to know how to recover shift deleted files from the flash drive. Visit to the Link and know more about shift deleted file recovery. Using this, the user can save the recovery or scanning process at any desired time and later resume the recovery process without the need of scanning the entire drive again. The files which are recovered after the scanning process can be compressed using various compressing techniques to save the disk space of the given flash drive. To retrieve deleted files from Mac operating system, special tool has been developed that supports recovery of the deleted files without missing even a single one. See Here for the Mac version

Steps to recover deleted files from flash drive:

Step1: Install the application program in the system and click on “Recover Files” from the main screen to recover all the files that are deleted from the particular flash drive.

Restore Deleted Files from Flash Drive  - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step2: Click on “Recover Deleted Files” and select the particular flash drive to start the scanning process.

Restore Deleted Files from Flash Drive - Mode of Recovery

Fig 2: Select Recover Deleted File Screen

Step3: After the files are recovered, the data is listed in a particular order and can be previewed before saving the file.

Restore Deleted Files from Flash Drive - File Preview

Fig 3: File Preview Screen